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Get Frontside, LLC

Frontside Resistance Trainer

Frontside Resistance Trainer

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How to Use

Please see "Instructions for Use" for how to wear or click here for sample drill recommendations!


Baseball is an inherently dangerous activity that can result in injury or death. Resistance assembly is inherently restrictive and may cause injury if not used properly. For full disclaimer please click here.

Introducing the Frontside Resistance Trainer (FRT) from Get Frontside, LLC. The FRT is a throwing aid for all overhand athletes (baseball, football, etc.) that assists in maintaining directional energy and promotes stronger, more efficient frontside mechanics. A stronger and more efficient frontside generally leads to overall improvement in throwing mechanics. When an athlete does not efficiently rotate into their frontside or their frontside takes them off-line mistakes occur and inefficient throwing patterns are created. The FRT is used during throwing drill work and in higher intensity exercises on and off the mound or on the field.

All throwers can benefit from greater accuracy and more consistent movement patterns while throwing.

While using this product you will:

  • Create stronger frontside mechanics, promoting better direction and rotational energy
  • Rotate more efficiently while creating proper momentum throughout the throw
  • Build more repeatable throwing mechanics
  • Move more wholesomely while throwing

Each unit includes:

  • 1 x high quality padded nylon belt with 3 attachment points on either hip
  • 1 x high quality padded wrist strap
  • 1 x "light" 12" resistance cable
  • 1 x "regular" 12" resistance cable
  • 2 x "light" 15" resistance cables
  • 2 x "regular" 15" resistance cables
  • Convenient mesh carry bag
  • Premium rubberized PVC logos

*Resistance bands will approximate 10lbs-20lbs of resistance (similar to orange "micro" and red "mini" Sorinex resistance bands). Resistance is meant to be noticeable but not overly restrictive.

Sizing Information: each belt adjusts from approximately 25" to 41" in diameter. Please note that 1) this is sizing in inches, not pant size and 2) the belt should fit snugly around your waist. Please measure your waist size in inches prior to purchase.

Recommended for ages 12 and up.

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